"If you have a Smart Phone

Why not have a Smart Home?"

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With the busy lives we lead today, Home Automation is a must to maintain the safety and comfort of your family and home.

  • Do you wish there was a way to effectively heat or cool your home BEFORE you get there? 
  • Or maybe you’re away and would like to keep your home safe from intruders by opening or closing shades and blinds, turning the lights on and off to give the appearance that your home is occupied? 
  •  Need to make sure your children made it home safely? 
  •  Would you like to remotely control home audio, theater, lighting, temperature all from one single device? 
  •  How about a home that can “get to know you” eventually learning your household preferences without any prompting from you?

“If you have a Smart Phone, why not a Smart Home?”


Smart Home Technology has become the modern-day TV Remote!
Managing a house, no matter how big or small it is, can be challenging for any family.

  • Busy schedules and hectic routines can make it difficult to keep your household running efficiently … and have time to relax and unwind.
  • Tasks, such as setting back the thermostat and shutting off the lights before you leave the house or go to bed, are easily forgotten or simply ignored due to lack of time or energy.
  • Even activities that are seemingly so simple, like closing the drapes to block out the harsh afternoon sun
  • Even choosing a song to enjoy on the stereo system, can become tedious and tiresome when you’re tired or pressed for time.

Smart home technology makes our lives more convenient!

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Premier Lighting and Home Automation, LLC installed a complete Lutron Radio Ra2 retrofit for our home. Over 50 switches and devices, nest thermostats, and and an in-wall iPad mini touch screen. It's absolutely amazing to be able to control the entire house from the kitchen, phone, or using Amazon Alexa voice commands. The job was executed perfectly, which I'll get to at the end, but it's worth sharing the end-to-endexperience of the job:

Brian Duncan

Terrell was beyond great. He installed a new system in our home and was very efficient in the process. More importantly, he educated us on the installation throughout the process. There were certain things that needed to be changed from the original design and he guided us through that process. When he was finished, we received exactly what we wanted and the customer service couldn't have been better. We will use Terrell for everything from here on out.

Brandon B

Dallas, TX As part of a big kitchen lighting and popcorn ceiling removal upgrade to our older house, Premier Lighting and Home Automation, LLC installed 20+ LED can lights, multiple Lutron switches, under-counter LED lighting, and even installed our new chandelier. They worked in coordination with our painting and drywall company, coming multiple times to make their job easier and to minimize the time we had to live with paint and mess from the popcorn removal. The smart use of technology meant that there where no new wires or holes in our walls. Not only did we get some great new technology, but also saved money over a more traditional installation. Premier Lighting and Home Automation, LLC performed multiple smaller jobs to add all the existing lights in our living areas to our Lutron network, and now we have numerous options to control different zones and create moods throughout our house. All and all a great job.

Barry H

Dallas, TX Very knowledgeable, friendly and honest. I can now use a remote to control the lights and fans in the bedrooms along with smart switched throughout the house!

Sarah S

Dallas, TX The automated switches have been better than expected! I had two switches put in, one for outdoor lighting which has already saved me money by not having to replace the floodlights. The second switch controls a tankless water heater pump that gives us instant hot water. After having these two automated switches I wish I had done my entire home. Installation and service by premier lighting and home automation, LLC was exceptional. I was not sure on what systems would work for our home but the guys explained all options and I felt like I could choose what worked best for us. The installer even called me a few days after the installation to see if I was happy with the program and if I had any questions. I recommend this company and I will use them again!

Christine C

We have an older home and we wanted to control multiple lights from one location. We were worried about the complexity and the cost of the project. Premier Lighting Solutions provided a simple solution to our problem. The lighting was installed professionally and in a timely manner. We look forward to using them in the future and highly recommend them to others.

Colleen, T


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